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5V Tattoo Eyebrow Machine

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Product name: 5V tattoo eyebrow machine
Features: The speed of the embroidery machine is fast, 15000-35000, low noise, imported original motor, strong and powerful. Easy to operate with one hand. Stable needle movement and low noise. The eyebrow machine is easy to operate, automatically locks the needle, does not fly, and is stable and safe. Disposable design, disposable needle, needle cover, semi-disposable cover, safe and hygienic.
Function: The tattoo lip and tattoo eyebrow needles are refined from selected steel needles, and their softness reaches international standards, and there is no danger of needle breakage. The needle, single needle, three needles, five needles and row needles can be changed at will. Let the skills of beauticians be fully utilized. It can be used for eyebrows, lips, eyeliners, and small local tattoos.
Packaging: one-time independent packaging

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LemonYY China trade starts here
LemonYY China trade starts here

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