biotouch Temporary Tattoo Colorant White Lid

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It is the only paste color approved by FDA in the world
Advantages and features:
1. 100% pure plant extraction, non-toxic and harmless to human body, skin friendly, and will not cause skin infection symptoms.
2. Easy to color and excellent coloring effect. It adopts the latest technology of vacuum emulsification and refining. High density concentration, small molecular weight, easy to integrate with skin tissue.
3. The color is natural, durable and colorfast. Because it is pure plant extraction, the color is very close to nature, and it is not mixed with chemicals, so the color is long-lasting bright and not easy to fade.
4. The color is various, which can be used in monochrome or several kinds of deployment. It is not only suitable for the groups who like traditional personality, but also for the groups who like avant-garde personality. It can also be used for color conversion and color change.
Purpose: tattoo eyebrow, striped lip and eye liner.
Packaging: imported with original packaging

LemonYY China trade starts here
LemonYY China trade starts here

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