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Blackhead instrument

Discount price:
30-99 ريال3920000 /IRR
100-199 ريال3400000 /IRR
200+ ريال3000000 /IRR


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Instrument function:
1. Blackhead, sucking grease
2. Diamond micro-carving, microdermabrasion, acne removal, exfoliation
3. Diamond micro-carving reduces acne marks, reduces scars
Description: Diamond dermabrasion can be used to improve skin pigmentation disorders, shallow acne scars, age spots, rough skin and aging face after sun exposure, can also promote skin regeneration, so that the skin presents a smooth touch after surgery. Features: Small size, light weight, easy to carry, 3 different degrees of diamond head thickness, 3 different sizes of vacuum processing head, double filter device, easy to clean, prevent blockage from entering the machine. Suitable for different types of skin, no tingling, no need for anesthesia. It is easy to control by physical microdermabrasion, without side effects and safety.
Non-invasive treatment, no irritation, no pain.

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LemonYY China trade starts here
LemonYY China trade starts here

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