Cavalon three generation tattoo pen

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Product Name: Cavalon 3rd Generation Tattoo Pen (Mambo to 2nd Generation Motor)
Net weight: 167g Gross weight: 350g
Packing size: 185x135x45mm
Tattoo pen size: 117.3 * 29.5mm (the widest place is 31.5mm)
Packaging: pen case
Built-in: Tattoo pen * 1 Soft silicone RCA cable * 1 Tattoo needle * 1
Color: 5 colors Black-Red-Champagne-Gold-Silver
Parameters: 1. Interface: RCA interface 2. Material: Aluminum alloy 3. Process: One-piece carving 4. Motor: Wanbao to second-generation motor 5. Start voltage: 6v 6. Working voltage: 8-10V 7. Speed: 10V11000 rpm 8. Structure: Classic Generation Structure
Selling points:
Using Wanbao to second-generation motors, with large power, stable output, low skin damage, fast coloring, cutting line and fog, more heat, no heat, stable work, suitable for various pattern operations
The craftsmanship is CNC integrated carving, and the frame shell and accessories are carved, so the fit between the various accessories is very high, ensuring that the machine can make the sound light, the power output is stable, and the accessories are resistant to wear. Long machine life
The main body is a detachable structure, which is simple to assemble and disassemble, convenient to use, and it is usually easier to maintain and replace parts, which can greatly reduce the after-sales problem of the machine;
4. With built-in high pressure spring structure, while ensuring high power, the needle is more stable and the balance of the machine is good, so that it can meet the needs of tattoo artists for various patterns;
5. Multiple hand-carved trimming hand-skid design on the handshake position, non-slip design, ergonomic design, sweaty and not slippery, suitable for long-time tattoos, feel good, not laborious;
6. New type steel ball adjustment and rotation and adjustable needle structure, adopting high wear-resistant steel balls, it is more convenient to rotate and adjust the needle, the sound of clicking is crisp, the adjustment is precise, and it is durable and wear-resistant;
7. The faceplate part has a built-in faceplate adjustment hole. The internal faceplate screws can be adjusted with a small wrench to ensure worry-free use and subsequent maintenance.
8. Popular foreign styles and classic design principles, each pen will be given a boutique tattoo needle to improve customer experience.

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