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Pure copper gear appearance, rubber non-slip mat at the bottom-2-year warranty
Ultra-large 3.5A power supply-test with multimeter, 2V can start tattoo machine
Positive and negative contact will alarm protection-no overload when working under heavy load
Dual screen LCD power display-voltage-frequency
With C key-can switch between manual and automatic transmission
With adapter 2.5A
Advantages: 1 exquisite appearance of pure copper, gear design, strong sense of thickness, you can make a craft without tattoos
2 Powerful 3.5A power, normally you can work with 5 volts on an 8 volt machine, and the large pin is simple
There is basically no such high-power power source in China
3 quality warranty for 2 years, if there are any problems within 2 years, free repairs
4 with C button, press to open one-you can switch between automatic and manual integrated lighting
5 LCD dual screen display, power and frequency of machine operation, rotating power to 0.1 digital display, rotation with sound
6 non-slip bottom film-the weight of the power supply is heavy enough, don't worry about displacement
Package size: 1190g gross weight 430g net weight 19*25*6.3cm power supply size: 8.5*7*3.5

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LemonYY China trade starts here

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