Domestic--Direct Drive Motor,,MSB-MM1022,

Domestic--Direct Drive Motor

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Product Name: Direct Drive Motor
Material: Aluminum alloy. 
Machine size: 66 * 27 * 61mm
Net weight: 104g
Gross weight: 180g
Packing size: 109 * 93 * 49mm
Packaging: window box with upper and lower cover (including one machine, one package of accessories (2 wrenches, 4 rubber bands))
1.Strong power, adopting direct drive motor for vertical power output of eccentric shaft, large force, better resilience and flexibility
2. Good universality, both ordinary needle and integrated needle can be used
3. Adjustable direct drive eccentric shaft can directly adjust the needle length, convenient and simple (operation steps: use a small wrench to align the side round hole, loosen the screw, and then use a small wrench to align the large round hole, rotate the eccentric wheel The scale corresponding to the dot is the length of the needle.)
4.Carved aluminum alloy frame, each part is carved, the fitting degree is high, and the service life is long.
5.Using pure copper interface, it will not be deformed when used for a long time, and the conductivity is good
6. Wanbao to 2nd generation motor, 10V1W rotation, cutting line and fog
7. Carved handle bolt, which can better lock the handle without shaking (common handle and integrated needle handle are common)

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