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This machine is made of aluminum alloy using Taiwan V3 motor. The upgraded motor and accessories have excellent performance, which is very suitable for professional tattoo artists.
Process: overall-three-dimensional design
Material: Space Aluminum
Motor: Taiwan V3 motor
Adjustable needle: 3.5-4mm
Voltage: 8-12V normal working / working speed 10000 rpm
1. The three-dimensional appearance is made of aluminum alloy wire drawing, and it is produced according to the size proportion of Cheyenne motors;
2. The material is made of aluminum alloy, and the shell is carved and polished;
3. The motor adopts Taiwan V3 motor with high speed of 10000, long service life and no hotness;
4. The brushed surface is bright and shiny, and the length of the needle can be adjusted on the machine. It is equipped with an integrated needle operation, which is convenient for changing needles;
5.Strong strength, light sound, continuous work for 4 hours without heat, reducing pain;
6.Light weight, long working hours, not sour hands, choice of professional tattoo artist;
7. The integrated written test design is comfortable and feels good, with a dedicated line. At present, many professional tattoo artists in China are using it.

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LemonYY China trade starts here
LemonYY China trade starts here

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