Hollow cup--sunny tattoo pen

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Name: Sunlight Tattoo Pen (Hollow Cup)
Net weight: 140g
Hook line: 45g
Comes with two nibs: 80g
Gross weight: 370g
Size: 185x135x45mm
Tattoo pen: 120mm * 25mm
Packaging: upper and lower cover boxes * 1 + line * 1 + tattoo pen * 1 + tattoo pen tip * 2
Color: 3 colors
1. Interface: Built-in RCA interface
2.Material: Aluminum alloy + stainless steel
3.Process: one fine carving
4.Motor: hollow cup 21mm motor
5. Start-up voltage: 7v 8. Working voltage: 8-10V Advantages: 1. The motor uses a 21mm hollow cup motor, 10v 1w rotation, great power, more cutting lines and fogging, and more than 2 integrated engraved handprints. The accessory has a small gap and abrasion resistance. 3. It can be applied to various needles on the market that are not loose. 4. High power-stable frequency-not hot at work-normal temperature is close to the human body about 32 degrees {human body temperature 36}. Easy maintenance later 6. Tattoo pens can be laser-engraved-or custom logos can be customized on the middle stainless steel ring, free laser lettering from 30 units, the number of customized LOGOs is succinct. It is not easy to wear and tear, customers can disassemble and maintain it later. 8. More pen heads equipped with two tattoo pens. 1. The non-slip silicone ring on the pen head of aluminum alloy sweats and does not slip. When tattooing, you can push the tattoo to take advantage of the trend. The built-in RCA interface effectively prevents problems such as disconnection and interface wear caused by accidental collision of the connection cable during work.

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LemonYY China trade starts here

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