Kavalong second generation tattoo pen--short pen

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Product Name: Cavalon Second Generation Tattoo Pen-Short (Wanbaozhi)
Net weight: 137g Gross weight: 305g
Packing size: 150x80x45mm
Tattoo pen size: 91.2x31mm (the widest place is 37.1mm)
Packaging: flip box
Built-in: Tattoo pen * 1 Soft silicone RCA cable * 1 Accessories kit * 1
Color: 5 colors Black-Red-Blue-Rose Red-Silver
Parameters: 1. Interface: RCA interface 2. Material: aluminum alloy 3. Craft: One-piece carving 4. Motor: Wanbao to motor 5. Starting voltage: 6v 8. Working voltage: 8-10V
Selling points:
Using Wanbao to second-generation motors, with large power, low skin damage, fast coloring, secant cutting and fogging, no heat, stable work;
CNC integrated carved frame and main body, high fitting degree, light sound, wear resistance, long service life;
Detachable structure, simple disassembly and assembly, convenient use, normal maintenance and replacement of accessories are more convenient, which can reduce the after-sales problem of the machine;
Cheyenne's original short pen structure, while ensuring strength, ensures stable needle output and crisp sound, in line with the current market trend;
The built-in steel ball structure adjusts the needle length, the adjustment sound is crisp, the click point is convenient, accords with practical use, and the rotation is more rhythmic;
5. Carved hands with carved edges and non-slip design, suitable for long-time tattoos, feel good and effortless;
6. Standard Cheyenne size, suitable for most sizes of tattoo needles on the market;
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LemonYY China trade starts here

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