moshape short needle

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Features: needle diameter # 12 = needle wire diameter 0.35mm, 316L fine needle wire, medical ABS plastic, high-precision mold forming, no burr, transparent gray shell, high visibility, silicone pad rebound, can effectively prevent ink reflow
RL (closed round needle) is mostly used for thread cutting,
RS (loose round needle) is mostly used for thread cutting and fogging,
F (Single row straight needle), fogging
M1 (single row cross pin), fogging
RM (curved needle), fogging
Packing: single needle mouth blister packaging
Different needle types with different color needle caps & needle boxes
RL round closing needle-gray needle cap / gray needle box
RS round loose needle-orange needle cap / orange needle box
M1 flat row needle-green needle cap / green needle box
M1C arc pin header-red needle cap / red needle box
Bright colors, easy to distinguish! ! !





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LemonYY China trade starts here

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