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1. All-in-one tattoo machine can adjust the voltage to control the strength and frequency according to the requirements of use. Cutting lines, fogging, color, portraits, totems, new and old traditional European and American styles can be controlled, fast coloring, and small skin damage.
2. 24mm high-horsepower motor, strong and stable power, no hot for long time, suitable for all brands of integrated needles;
3. The latest ten-groove eccentric disk is adopted to ensure long service life;
4. The design of detachable motor is convenient for maintenance and upgrade of motors with different speeds;

5. This product can be guaranteed for one year due to non-human damage.
product manual
Minimum order quantity: 50 pcs
Packing: 1 tattoo pen, 1 5.5mm DC cable.
Net weight: 153g Gross weight: 320g
Needle length: 3.5mm
Recommended working voltage: 6-9 volts, do not exceed 10 volts
Motor: 8V 9000 rpm
Size: diameter 30mm * length 113mm
Craft: CNC carving
Material: Aluminum alloy, color oxidation

LemonYY China trade starts here
LemonYY China trade starts here

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