New Special Customized Dragon Tooth Tattoo Pen

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Product Name: New Special Customized Dragon Tooth Tattoo Pen
Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: blue, purple, red, silver, gold, rose gold

Size: Length * Diameter = 113mm * 30mm
Net weight: 147g
Gross weight: 329g
Speed: 9V 10000 rpm
Needle length: 3.5mm
Package: 1 tattoo pen + 1 DC cable + 1 random tattoo needle
Packing size: 187*135*48mm
Recommended working voltage: 7-9V, do not exceed 10V
1. Second-generation detachable structure, easy to disassemble and assemble motor accessories, fashionable and worry-free after sale;
2. Super cost-effective, Wanbao to motor to ensure stable power output, suitable for various pattern production;
3. Handprint ergonomic design, good workmanship-accessories and accessories have small gaps and wear resistance, and they will not be tired for a long time;
4. The card pin is a standard Cheyenne size, which can be applied to most integrated needles on the market, without loosening or shaking;
5. Large output power-stable frequency-not hot at work-normal temperature is close to human body about 32 degrees {human body temperature 36};
6. The inside adopts the new ten-slot plum eccentric wheel design structure, which can be disassembled to ensure stable needle output and long service life;


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LemonYY China trade starts here

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