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Note: The color of the coil pattern may be different from the attached picture for different batches of products.
Casting machine, standard copper wire 10 coil and 47uf capacitance value, stable operation of the machine, normal start 5V, working voltage: 7-9V, bouncing stability, strong back seat magnetism, various machine styles, choose as you like
Use advantages:
High coil power, fast and stable needle exit speed,
It is not easy to get hot during long hours of work and stays strong.
Exquisite workmanship, suitable for shop use to enlarge the picture.
[Grade]: Medium to high grade
[Material]: cast iron
[Weight]: 193g
[Coil]: 10 coils
[Capacitance]: 50v 47uf
[Frequency]: 28000 rpm
[Working voltage-starting voltage]: Professional tattoo machine series start at 3v, 6-9v can work
[Production technology]: (Master-level) tattoo machine produced by advanced punch technology
[Packing Specifications]: (L) 10.5* (B) 8.5* (H) 4cm
[Features]: Novel style, fine workmanship, professional accessories
1. cutting tattoo machine, fog tattoo machine, all-in-one machine
2. Smooth appearance and fine workmanship.
3. The large coil has stable performance.
4.Not hot for 4, 6 hours of work.
5, the fog is neat, the cutting line is delicate, easy to get into the color.

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