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Product Name: Stainless steel pedal (both generous and small)
Generous: pedal size: 70 * 105 * 25.5mm packing size: 120x80x72mm
Small side: pedal size: 60 * 76 * 25.5mm packing size: 103x75x62mm
Generous: Net weight: 284g
Gross weight: 311g
Small side: Net weight: 261g
Gross weight 285g
Cable length: 2m
Selling points:
1. Stainless steel material, sufficient weight, will not rust, wear-resistant, easy to clean;
2. There are rubber protective pads on the top and bottom of the pedal, with a non-slip design, and the foot feels soft, which can better fix the pedal;
3. The widened design is more in line with the domestic tread design;
4. Built-in advanced touch switch, can support pedaling more than 100W, the performance is very good;
5. The interface adopts copper + alloy material, which is not easy to break, wear-resistant, and does not deform for long-term use;
6. Soft silicone protective layer, the interface is not easy to break, and the service life is better extended.


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LemonYY China trade starts here

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