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Name: Soldier Tattoo Pen (Mambo to Motor)
Net weight: 108g
Gross weight: 288g
Size: 85 * 32mm
Packaging: upper and lower cover boxes + RCA cable
Color: four colors black-red-champagne-silver gray
Parameters: 1. Interface: RCA interface 2. Material: Aluminum alloy 3. Process: One-piece fine carving 4. Motor: Wanbao to motor 5. Starting voltage: 6v 6. Working voltage: 8-12V
1. Using Wanbao to motor, 10V1W rotation, large power and stable output;
2.Ergonomic design with one hand-carved handprint, good workmanship, more fit between accessories, wear resistance;
3. Standard size, suitable for most tattoo integrated needles in the size of Cheyenne on the market;
4. Short pen structure, novel appearance, simple style, brand new structure;
5. High power, stable frequency, non-hot work, normal temperature close to human body about 33 degrees (human body 36 degrees)
6. Use with a stiff one-piece needle for better results;
7. LOGO can be customized, free laser marking from 30 units, color or appearance can also be customized;
8. With a soft silicone hook line, cost-effective, better use experience;

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