100 copies of domestically produced triple transfer paper

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product name:The United States imported spirt transfer paper TC007 100 sheets
Product size: A4 size
Commodity weight: 1Kg/box, 100 sheets/box, 20 boxes, one box, box gauge: 53*32.5*32.5CM
Description: High quality transfer, clear transfer pattern, not easy to wipe off, keep on the skin for a long time, the advantage of making a big picture. Convenient for tattoo masters to work.
The following is a textual description of the method of use -
1. Enlarge or reduce the pattern to be transferred by a certain ratio.
2. Spread the transfer paper on the table top, press the pattern to be transferred on the blue side of the transfer paper, and outline the line along the line with a common ballpoint pen.
3. clean and disinfect the skin, dry, evenly coated with a layer of imported transfer paste.
4. with the back side of the tracing paper directly pressed on the part to be tattooed, the pattern is clear and the transfer is successful.

LemonYY China trade starts here
LemonYY China trade starts here

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