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HP-2 Tattoo Machine Power Supply

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The quality of a power supply is the regulator; the quality of a regulator is whether it is a sufficient amount of pure copper core; you understand this truth! Our board is a sufficient amount of pure copper core wire
HP-2 good quality power supply
Volts means: voltage volts Duty means: power supply
FT means: voltage frequency CPS means: frequency of machine jump. There are 4 buttons on the top, bottom, left and right of the switch.
L shows the maintenance of the current electric volts
S means jump to high voltage
↑ key: means increase the electric volt
↓ key: means to reduce the electric volt
1. High power: 18 volts and 2 amps of current. Do not worry about the voltage being large enough to work with a large pin header.
2. Computer digital control: You can work on the pedals without working on the pedals.
3. Blue bevel LCD display: The voltage-power-speed you want is clear at a glance.
4. Complete set - mainly equipped with a set of adapters - a set of power brackets - a pack of screws, mobile phone packaging.
  One case: 20 sets
One gross weight: 1 kg Power supply size: 18*10.6*3.1cm
Outer package size: 21.5*28.5*6.2

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