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Rosemei Diamond Nail Gel season 02
MSC 1010YC

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Product Name: Rosemei Diamond Nail Gel season 02

Commodity products: Imported flash powder, All the flash powder is 3D powder, There are

many refraction surfaces, just like diamonds, and many cutting surfaces, So whether it's in

the light or in the sun, Are visible to the naked eye flash!

It's like broken diamonds all over the sky, and it's like frosty sugar sprinkled in the sky~

Delicate 3D powder, special texture.

In fact, it's very easy to apply evenly, and the final coating will not have a sense of particles!

Price: ¥ 12.7/pcs

Order quantity: 65pcs
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LemonYY China trade starts here
LemonYY China trade starts here

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