Xia'an two color camouflage handle carved hand pattern can be called out needle handle one needle handle tattooing machine general size

Steel ball camouflage silver handle

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Product Name: Camouflage 32m m Carved Handle
Specification: 32mm 32 mm
Material: Space Aluminum
Crafts: Fine Carvings
Appearance: two-color fine engraving characters
Net weight: 80g pole weight 3.7g
Packaging: upper and lower covers 12*8*4cm
Advantages: Each part is fully CNC carved, from the inside to the outside-finely carved, 2 appearances anode color-good color, internal carved diameter 3mm-small gap, high precision-light sound. 2mm stainless steel cutting tube, adjustable 4mm, 4 cutting edges and hand-grip. With two rods 85mm 95mm. The interior is detachable, and the adjustment sound is crisp, and each accessory is fully CNC carved.
Color: Camouflage Silver / Camouflage Red / Camouflage Gold / Camouflage Blue / Camouflage Purple


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