LemonYY China trade starts here


Dear client, hi.

باعث افتخار و مباهات است که مجموعه لمون شاپ را برای همکاری انتخاب کرده اید

Please note the following:

1: The order is online, please enter a registration site to do this.

2. In terms of Yuan's price, you can put the word "Yuan's moment price" in Google Circle. Approximately a unit price below 400 tons)

3: The tour is not online.

After our colleagues' orders are registered, they will call you to complete the order.

4 exchange payments are real.

5 - The estimated price of the purchase of a valuable moment in Iran will be performed.

6. It's about the carriage of goods to Iran.

۷- تحویل کالاها در باربری و یا دفتر مجموعه لمون شاپ در تهران خواهد بود

Get more information from the backup of the Copper Club.

Phone: 2008-68-68-69

Wassup (China's direct support team): 2008-4747751
LemonYY China trade starts here
LemonYY China trade starts here

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