Embroidered water-based positioning pen (skin pen)
MSA 40312

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Product Name: Embroidered water-based positioning pen

Product Features: waterproof, hemp proof, not easy to wipe, smooth and smooth

Application: eyebrow and lip positioning, marking design, skin mark

The medical staff marked and positioned the skin.

It adopts environment-friendly ink with long-lasting bottom smell, which does not harm the

skin and is safe.

Color: Black, Red, Blue

Size: 13.5 (including pen cover)

Packaging: aseptic independent packaging

Applicable skin: any skin type

matters needing attention:

1) Before use, clean the skin, exfoliate and dry the skin;

2) When there is a wound on the skin, use it carefully and do not touch the wound;

3) When not in use, cover the pen and keep the pen tip down.

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