Double head happy cup motor machine

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This machine is carved from space aluminum. The Mabuchi Motor has good strength and high cost performance. It is very suitable for professional tattooists and tattoo beginners. Both wholesale and foreign trade can be operated.
Name: T2 black tattoo pen
Material: Aluminum alloy, plus two heads
Weight: 128g
Size: 150 * 80 * 45mm
Color: black gold circle black green circle black red circle black silver circle
Process: overall carving-three-dimensional design
Motor: Mabuchi Motor
Normal needle out: 3.5mm (adjustable by yourself)
Voltage: 6-11V working normally
Working speed: 9000 rpm
1. A total of 3 heads, you can change it at will according to your needs and preferences
2. The three-dimensional appearance is made of aluminum alloy wire drawing, and is produced according to the proportion of comfortable hand size.
3. Using space aluminum carving, polished and polished, beautiful colors
4. The motor adopts Japanese Mabuchi Motor motor with 9000 revolutions and long service life
5. Good strength can work for 4-5 hours without fever, reducing customer pain
6. Light weight working hands will not sour, professional tattoo artist's choice
7. Comfortable hand print written test design, comfortable work and good hand feel

LemonYY China trade starts here
LemonYY China trade starts here

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