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Hollow cup-flame tattoo pen

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Name: Flame tattoo pen (hollow cup motor)
Net weight: 158g Gross weight: 280g
Size: 113.8mm * 28.8mm
Packaging: flip box + RCA cable
Color: 5 colors All black-black red-black gold-black silver-black purple
Parameters: 1. Interface: RCA interface 2. Material: aluminum alloy 3. Process: CNC integrated engraving 4. Motor: hollow cup motor 5. Start voltage: 5-6v 6. Working voltage: 8-10V
1. Using hollow cup motor, strong power, light sound, stable performance, high quality.
2. CNC integrated engraving process, good workmanship, exquisite appearance, delicate details, small gaps between parts and accessories, wear resistance, long-term use without deformation, long life
3. Built-in ten-horn plum flower disc, durable and wear-resistant, stable needle output.
4. New detachable structure, detachable faceplate, detachable main parts, schedule maintenance and replacement parts are more convenient and simple;
5. The new type of steel ball adjusts the needle, making the needle more precise, the rotating sound is crisp, durable and wear-resistant;
6. The appearance of carved edges, hand-trimmed edges, non-slip design, good grip, sweaty and not slippery;
7. Standard Cheyenne size, suitable for most general-sized tattoo needles on the market.

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LemonYY China trade starts here
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