New dual-tone power supply,,MSB7012,

New dual-tone power supply

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Product Name: New dual-tone power supply
Material: ABS engineering plastic shell Good texture, strong force, good protection for power supply
Uses: tattoo machine power supply equipment
Size: 11cm*7.5cm*3.5cm
Net weight: 150g
GB power cord; 88.2 g American standard power cord; 75.2 g
European standard power cord; 92.8 g British standard power cord; 83.5 g
Description: Input AC 220V, 110V; (default is 110-220v if there is 110v in foreign countries, we will give you a dedicated voltage power supply) Output DC 0-15V adjustable; discrete power supply, can be equipped with national power cords 3 digit LCD display, powerful, stable performance, no splash

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