Cheyenne 32mm Hand Carved Handle

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Name: Carved adjustable 32mm handle
Specification: 32mm
Material: Space Aluminum
Craft: carved
Appearance: anode
Net weight: 80g pole weight 3.7g
Advantages: Each part is CNC-finished, from the inside to the outside - finely crafted, 2 appearance anode color - good color, internal carved diameter 3mm - gap small precision - high sound. 2mm stainless steel cut-off tube, adjustable 4mm, 4-way trimming hand-grain. With two needles 85mm 95mm. The interior is detachable, the sound is crisp , and each part is CNC carved.
Color: Black / Purple / Orange / Silver / Red / Blue
Motorized tattoo machine, coil tattoo machine can be used as a universal adjustable handle, with beautiful colors and fine workmanship. The high-precision adjustable design of the inside of the handle with "click-and-tap" allows the handle to adjust the length of the handle according to the different lengths of the tattooer. The end of the handle has a snap-lock structure, which can directly lock the needle-integrated 

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